Octopus Monoplay Release Date 21 Jan 2019
Monoplay - Long Journey
Monoplay - See you
Monoplay - So Far (Honestly)
Monoplay - Octopus
Monoplay feat. Alampa - The Man In Case
Monoplay - Who We Are
Monoplay - Poison
MonopIay - Gotta Go
Unbound Tantsui Release Date 08 Oct 2018
Tantsui - Beautiful Day (remake)
Tantsui - Under Cover
Tantsui - The Wasted Sun
Tantsui - Day Of The End
Tantsui - Make It All
Tantsui - Chance
Tantsui - Stronger
Tantsui - 96
Tantsui - Say It All
Tantsui - Around The River (remake)
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Run or Defence Alampa Release Date 23 Apr 2018
Alampa - Run Or Defence
Alampa - Flaming Wonder
Alampa - Fade Away
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Time To Suffer TANTSUI Release Date 15 Feb 2016
Tantsui - Time To (Original Mix)
Tantsui - Suffer (Original Mix)
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In Silence Monoplay Release Date 07 Oct 2015
Monoplay - All For You (Original Mix)
Monoplay - Eye To Eye (Original Mix)
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Sunwaves Doyeq Release Date 31 Aug 2015
Doyeq - Sunwaves (Original Mix)
Doyeq - Last Time (Original Mix)
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Whales Doyeq Release Date 17 Apr 2015
Doyeq - Whales (Original Mix)
Doyeq - Playing Your Game (Original Mix)
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Trust Me Monoplay Release Date 03 Mar 2015
Monoplay - Trust Me (Original Mix)
Monoplay - Lost (Original Mix)
Monoplay - Fly (Original Mix)
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No Mercy EP Tantsui Release Date 27 Jan 2015
Tantsui - No Mercy (Original Mix)
Tantsui - Rainyman (Original Mix)
Tantsui - Someone To Play (Original Mix)
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

Tantsui - No Mercy Original Mix
Doyeq - Playing Your Game Original Mix
Tantsui - Day Of The End Original Mix
Doyeq - Sunwaves Original Mix
Tantsui - Under Cover Original Mix
ALAMPA - Flaming Wonder Original Mix
Tantsui - Suffer Original Mix
Tantsui - Time To Original Mix
Doyeq - Last Time Original Mix
Doyeq - Whales Original Mix
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