Nikki Noek, the main man behind NOPASSPORT Records, is back on his label with a brand new Good Mood EP featuring vocals by Shanyana - Tatyana Shamanina, lead singer of the well-known Guru Groove Foundation band, based out in Moscow. Heavy dancefloor-friendly deep house remixes were delivered by The Mekanism (Exploited, Noir Music, Sintope Digital), Cucumbers (Hotfingers, Sleazy G, Highway Records) and Davydov & Intermedium (Insert Coin, Grusha Music).

Nikki Noek, Shanyana

The Mekanism, Cucumbers, Intermedium, Davydov

Good Mood

Catalog# NP028
Release date:
Deep House
Good Mood feat. Shanyana (Original Mix)
Good Mood feat. Shanyana (The Mekanism Remix)
Good Mood feat. Shanyana (Cucumbers Remix)
Good Mood feat. Shanyana (Davydov & Intermedium Remix)
Alexi Delano
Plus8 / Visionquest / ADLimited
I like The Mekanism and D&I Remix. Thank you!